Why is Sound Hearing Audiology and Speech Unique

Why is Sound Hearing Audiology and Speech Unique?

Sound Hearing Audiology and Speech is a privately owned practice, offering professional personalized attention for both your speech and hearing needs. Dr. Zeller is the owner and director of Sound Hearing Audiology and Speech.

The client is the focus at Sound Hearing Audiology and Speech.  Dr. Zeller and her staff share an extremely caring relationship with each and every one of their clients, meeting their needs and remaining by their sides every step of the way.  At Sound Hearing and Speech, each client is regarded as unique and we individualize service based on the client’s needs and preferences. The individual, as a whole, is considered as he or she is treated.

Hearing Needs

Sound Hearing Audiology and Speech provides diagnostic services for audiology, hearing aid dispensing, aural rehabilitation, auditory processing and counseling the hearing impaired and their families.

Speech Needs

Sound Hearing Audiology and Speech provides in depth Speech Diagnostics and Therapy that includes but is not limited to: articulation, language, myofunctional therapy, oromotor therapy, PROMPT, auditory processing, augmentative devices, voice therapy and autism.  Dr. Zeller’s years of experience in various school settings ensures that she can successfully interact with your child.  Dr. Zeller has worked with students from toddler to the graduate level.  Her expertise is sought after on an ongoing basis by her graduate students and seasoned professionals alike.

You are not alone

If your hearing or speech is not what you would wish for, you’re not alone. Dr. Zeller will work with you to achieve maximum results and ensure that you understand all options available to you.

Speech disorders and hearing loss occur at all ages. Sound Hearing and Speech is here to provide adults and children with excellent therapeutic and amplification options. We offer patients customized speech and hearing services with effective technological options that fit into your budget.

Patient satisfaction is always our primary goal. We know that when you come to Sound Hearing and Speech that you will share the sentiments of all our patients that…. You Have Come to the Right Place.

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