Language Development Overview

Language Development Overview

Stages of Language Development

Your child’s early years are some of the most vital for communication development.

Communication is what makes us who we are and it is how we relate to one another so it is important to get a good start. 


Communication begins even before a baby is born.  Just ask any expecting mother about communicating with their baby and they will tell you that they know how their baby is feeling by the baby’s movements. Make sure you talk to your unborn baby and even play him/her a little music.


Early communication skills develop very fast!

One week can make a huge difference in a child’s abilities.

Children learn new skills so quickly during the early years that even a week difference is not comparable.

That being said, however, you need to keep a watch on the development of your child’s speech and language milestones.  Because your child is developing so fast, a couple of months delay now, can turn into bigger problems later. 

Early speech and language skills develop during 3 MAIN STAGES:

1) Pre-Linguistic Stage -0-18 months (Before Speech and Language)

2) Emerging Language Stage -1 1/2 – 2 years  (Speech and Language are beginning)

3) Developing Language Stage -2-3 years (Language is still developing)

Use our website to know what your child should be doing, and do not use other children for speech and language milestones.

Speech and language development growth charts can help you track your child’s progress and make sure they are meeting every milestone.



First, TALK TALK TALK. Your child needs to hear a word at least 100 times before he/she can begin to say it! Whatever words you want your child to say, you need to say them repeatedly. In other words, talk to your child everywhere! Talk when you are are eating. Talk when you are cooking. Talk when you are cleaning. Talk when you are driving. Talk when you are shopping.

For those of you who are on the quiet side, I know this is going to be tough but your child’s stages of language development depend on it.

The more you do it, the more natural it becomes.

Talking is absolutely the BEST thing you can for you child’s speech and language.

Next, follow your child’s lead.   This does not mean let your child get his/her way. It does mean, when you and your child are interacting, playing, or learning……do what they want to do……and……be interested in what they are interested in.

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